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2022 – 9 weekly bits and bites

Betterment a potential target after Wealthfront deal

The New York-based robo-adviser, which landed its largest capital funding round to date in September, for a valuation of $1.3 billion, could now have a significant bull’s-eye on its back for potential buyers.

(4min _ InvestmentNews)

Few know the man who’s transforming one of Silicon Valley’s top VC firms. Here’s what founders and other insiders think of him and his plan to upend the traditions of VC.

Roelof Botha used to write 109 on the corner of his notepad every week when he started at Sequoia 19 years ago. It was a shorthand to keep himself focused on picking exceptional startups to deliver his private goal of $1 billion in total gains. It was also a milestone that he felt would mean he would have had a measurable impact on the venture firm.

He hit the 109 goal thanks to investments in companies like YouTube, Instagram and Square. In 2020, he even reached 1010, or $10 billion in total gains, putting him in the top tier of tech investors.

(9min _ protocol)

Write Two Letters

So, how do you identify an investor with the right amount of confidence? One who is confident in their ability, but also willing to share the credit during good times, accept the blame when things go wrong, seek out disconfirming evidence and opinions, and amend their positions when the facts change?

(11min _ TedLamade)

Now You Get It

Most actions have two sides: skill and behavior. What’s true in theory vs. how it feels in the moment. The gap between the two can be a mile wide. No amount of empathy and open-mindedness can recreate emotions. Textbooks and classrooms can’t teach what genuine fear, adrenaline, and uncertainty feel like. So you think you understand how a field works until you experience a new part of it firsthand.

(4min _ CollaborativeFund)

The Attention Span. „War, Moloch and the Tsar Bomba.“

This further reinforces a simple yet overwhelming conclusion across every source I’ve found. The key to flourishing is prioritizing and balancing dynamic, ever-changing external information over static internal models. Flowing life beats stale Moloch.

(14min _ KCP)


„The distinction between an investment practice and investment business. A business gives to the customer what they want. The manager creates a product to fill a need. A practice, like a medical or law practice, is there to give a client what they need.“ _Tony Deden

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