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2021-47_50 weekly bits and bites

The biggest risk to an evolving system is that you become bogged down by experts from a world that no longer exists. The more evolution you have, the more you should expect that expertise has a shelf life.

(5min _ CollaborativeFund)

This Will Not Last

While we don’t know what the future holds, there are times when making small shifts to your investment strategy can make sense. Given the data above, now seems like one of those times. Is this market timing? Technically, yes. But it is market timing of the lowest degree.

My philosophy on this is stolen from Cliff Asness. If you are going to commit the sin of market timing, sin a little.

(6min _ OfDollarsAndData)

I’m a therapist to the super-rich: they are as miserable as Succession makes out

Many billionaires I work with have trust issues, lack a sense of purpose and struggle with shame, guilt and fear

(6min _ TheGuardian)

Interview: Patrick Collison, co-founder and CEO of Stripe

In the wide-ranging email interview that follows, I turn the tables and ask Patrick to explain his own ideas to me! We discuss the future of technology, what kinds of innovation humanity needs, whether innovation has slowed down and what to do about it, the proper roles of government and the private sector, how research funding can be reformed, how international competition (including U.S.-China competition) figures into the equation, and much more!

(9min _ Noahpinion)

When Speculation Costs You More Than Money

When I lost the money, the things that I regretted were actually not losing the money. I realized I just had no other passions at all. For three years now, all I’ve done is work. I can’t think of one weekend when I was just having fun. How stupid is that? 

(4min _ BenCarlson)

Here’s How Reserve Currencies Have Evolved Over 120 Years

Over the last 120 years, the popularity of different reserve currencies have ebbed and flowed, reflecting the shifting fortunes of leading global economies.

For example, in the year 1900, the U.S. dollar and pound sterling made up 0% and 62% of global reserves respectively. But fast forward to 2020, and the pound now represents just 4.7% of global currency reserves, while the U.S. dollar stands at nearly 60%.

(2min _ VisualCapitalist)

Tokenize Absolutely Everything

Here’s the problem with the crypto space right now: There’s quite literally so much cool stuff going on that it’s becoming legitimately impossible for any one person to even pretend to keep up with every interesting new project.

Imagine I told you that I was up to speed on every cool small business idea in the world. You know I’d be lying. But that’s what the pace of growth is like in crypto right now, and that’s honestly a problem.

(7min _ Dave Nadig)

“The new is always thought odd and some of us are so constituted that we can never get over thinking that anything which is new must be … The moment one gets into the ‘expert’ state of mind a great number of things become impossible.”_ Henry Ford

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