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2021-39 weekly bits and bites

Von Zentralbanken zum Goldstandard

In den rund 200 Jahren (15. Bis 16. Jahrhundert) der Renaissance machte sich Europa auf, die Welt zu erobern1. Die Europäer erweiterten nicht nur ihre Gedanken in Wissenschaft, Kunst und Philosophie, sondern auch ihre Präsenz in der Welt. Die dadurch wachsende Stadtbevölkerung in Verbindung mit der neuen Fülle an Waren und Handelsrouten, führte zu einem enormen Wachstum der Handelsaktivitäten. Die Zeit der Medicis in Italien und der Fugger in Mitteleuropa war gekommen.

(10min _ amasso)

A Geographic Breakdown of the MSCI ACWI IMI

In this graphic from MSCI, we explore a geographic breakdown of the MSCI ACWI IMI index, and how it has changed over time.


Rules, Truths, Beliefs

The luckier you are the nicer you should be.

To paraphrase Jon Stewart: The only reason the world seemed like a better place during your childhood is because you were a child.

Comedians are the best thought leaders because they understand how the world works but they want to make you laugh rather than making themselves feel smart.

(4min _ Collaborative Fund)

Adults sleep less than babies. Sperm whales sleep less again. A new mathematical theory unlocks the mysteries of slumber

…efficient repair and reorganisation of neurons in the brain can’t occur without disrupting the organism’s normal functions. Consequently, there needs to be a dedicated downtime. After all, it would be foolhardy and probably dangerous to make repairs to your car while driving it. That’s why you stop the motor and take it to a mechanic.

The purpose of sleep shifts from neural reorganisation in children to repair once we’re grown. Before 2.5 years, our brains are more fluid and plastic, enabling us to learn and adapt quickly, similar to the state of water flowing around obstacles. After 2.5 years, our brains are much more crystalline and frozen, still capable of learning and adapting but more like glaciers slowly pushing across a landscape.

(15min _ aeon)

„Modern education is like being taken to the world’s greatest restaurant and being forced to eat the menu.“

_Murray Gell-Mann

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