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2021- 52 weekly bits and bites

Icebreakers With…Bloomberg Columnist Matt Levine

The Wall Street whisperer gives us his real thoughts on NFTs, the metaverse, and which Ancient philosopher would be the best day trader.

(5min _ MorningBrew)

Our Top 5 Geeky Finance Posts for 2021

  1. Even God would get fired as an Active Investor
  2. Does Gamma Hedging Actually Affect Stock Returns?
  3. Market Timing Using Aggregate Equity Allocation Signals
  4. How to Predict Stock Returns (Using a Simple Model)
  5. Is There a Replication Crisis in Finance?

(3min _ alpha.architect)

Here Are the Hedge Fund Surprises From 2021

Equity sector and CTAs were cut down by Omicron, a tech sell-off, and inflation fears last month. Still, investors did well with hedge funds this year, particularly in credit, quant, and multi-strategy.

(6min _ InstitutionalInvestor)

10 Lessons from 2021

Gold is not an inflation hedge; Valuations don’t matter; Strong earnings can support high valuations. Especially when interest rates are near zero; Bull markets can last longer than you think; The market doesn’t have to stop going up when bubbles pop; Experience is overrated. Especially in a bull market; Skeptics sounds smart. Optimists make money; Shoeshine indicators are completely dead; Avoid extremes; People are starved for yield

(7min _ IrrelevantInvestor)

How I Learned to Love and Fear the Riemann Hypothesis

A number theorist recalls his first encounter with the Riemann hypothesis and breaks down the math in a new Quanta video.

(7min _ QuantaMagazine)

“I never allow myself to hold an opinion on anything that I don’t know the other side’s argument better than they do.” _Charlie Munger

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